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Detroit 60 Series Labor Guide

detroit 60 series labor guide

Page 20 Additional service information is available in the Detroit Diesel Series 60 Service Manual, 6SE483. The next revision to this manual will include the revised information. As a convenience to holders of the Series 60 Service Manual, information in service manual format is attached. The page(s) may be inserted into the manual.


SERIES 60 ENGINE OPERATOR'S GUIDE LIMITED WARRANTY ON SERIES 60 DDEC V EGR ENGINES USED IN ON-HIGHWAY VEHICLE APPLICATIONS TERMS OF COVERAGE parts or components supplied or approved by DDC will be used. DDC may, at its discretion, replace rather Uses than repair components. Page 144: Service Supplies


An example of a Series 60 serial number is 06RXXXXXXX. The engine serial number is required when placing a parts order. Model number 6067-WK60 represents an 11.1 liter Series 60 engine that is controlled with DDEC III or IV electronics to be used in a 1991 or later truck.

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Series 60 Section 1.10 Gear Case Cover Pre-Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Email This Page. Section 1.10 Gear Case Cover Pre-Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) The gear case cover and gear case housing bolt together at the front of the engine to form a sealed compartment for the engine gear train. ... Gear Case Cover Guide Stud Location.

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injector height settings for Series 60 engines are listed in Table 12-2. 12.2 VALVE LASH, INJECTOR HEIGHT (TIMING) AND JAKE BRAKE LASH ADJUSTMENT All information subject to change without notice.

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For engines built after September 2002 a new style cylinder head bolt will be used for all Series 60 On-Highway engines. This bolt may or may not be identified with white paint. The new bolt will be identified with a groove on top of bolt. See Figure "Bolt Identification For Series 60 Engines Built After September 2002". Torque the new head ...


Detroit Diesel EPA04 Series 60 Operator’s Manual.pdf: 1.1Mb: Download: Detroit Diesel Serie 60 DDEC VI – Troubleshooting Guide.pdf: 4.6Mb: Download: Detroit Diesel Series 60 – ECU Manual.pdf: 74.4kb: Download: Detroit Diesel Series 60 DDEC II to DDEC IV conversion 18SP546.pdf: 539.3kb: Download: Detroit Diesel Series 60 EGR TEchnician’s ...

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We also supply a large inventory of Detroit Diesel engine parts and subassemblies with online ordering. sales@powerlinecomponents.com International: 1-307-885-4724

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Every new Series 60 engine is covered by the following standard warranty: Engine: 2 years, unlimited miles, including 100% parts and labor. Accessories (if supplied by Detroit): 2 years, 100,000 miles, including 100% parts and labor. Major components: 5 years, 500,000 miles, including parts and 100% of Service outlet's normal charge.

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What is the labor time to replace a water pump 60 series Detroit engine? Top Answer. Wiki User. 2011-01-19 03:06:51 2011-01-19 03:06:51. I believe it calls for approximately 1.25.

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Detroit Diesel Series 60 engines equipped with DDEC III or DDEC IV electronic control systems are identified by a “K” in the sixth position of the model number. Example: 6067GK60. Detroit Diesel Electronic Controlled Series 60 engines can be equipped with a variety of options designed to warn the operator of an engine malfunction.

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Detroit series 60 in frame rebuild (part 10) installing liners - Duration: 20:47. Gordon Robertson DIY 120,102 views. 20:47. Series 60 bullgear - Duration: 5:56. Tim Smith 16,754 views.

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(GOOD USED) 2004 Detroit Series 60 12.7L Diesel Engine For Sale, DDEC 5, 455HP @ 1800RPM, EGR Model, Engine Family# 4DDXH12.7EGY, Serial# 06R0763449, Stock# 1992 Engine is Test Run & Inspected Internally. Warranty! Many Engines in Stock! Call CA Truck Parts for more information (305)688-1101

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Kent Moore J-33191-A Valve Guide Installer Used to remove/install the valve guides for Detroit Diesel 60 Series Check out the deal on Kent Moore J-33191-A Valve Guide Installer For Detroit Diesel 60 Series at Apex Tool Company

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Detroit Warranties Demand Peace of Mind. Detroit ™ engine and axles owners enjoy comprehensive warranty coverage, including a fast, hassle-free process and expedited parts and service for critical downtime situations.. Engine Service Warranties. DD13, DD15, DD16. Engine: 2 years/unlimited miles, including 100% parts and labor

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The Series 60 engine is an in-line 6 cylinder, with wet replaceable liners, overhead cam and electronic engine control. These engines are mostly used in class 8 trucks, but can also be found in industrial and generator applications as well as occasional marine applications. The Series 60 DDC diesel engine comes in 14.0L, 12.7L & […]

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M30133 Detroit Diesel 60 Series Guide Stud Set Exhaust Manifold & Gear Case J-36107. Our Price: $49.09. M30134 Detroit Diesel 60 Series Guide Stud Oil Cooler J-35786. Our Price: $45.23. M30137 Detroit Diesel 60 Series Guide Stud Flywheel J-36235. Our Price: $33.17.

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DETROIT DIESEL ENGINE SERIAL NUMBER GUIDE (Serial number of the first engine built in each year) Engine Model Serial Number Suffix 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 ...

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make offer - detroit diesel series 60 engine service shop repair workshop manual 6se483 9501 Detroit Series 60 Service Repair Workshop Manual (Covers 11.1L 12.7L 14L) DDEC $5.69

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Series 60 Detroit Diesel Engines Catalog Page 174, Intercooler - Groups: 3.7001 - 3.7012

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Detroit Diesel Series 60 Rebuild Overhaul Inframe Kit for 11.1, 12.7 Ltr Engines - (2883) Articulated piston, aluminium skirt - 15:1 compression ratio. Price: $ 2,679.20. Quantity: + Pictures.

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Series 60 turbos will run between 600-800 and maybe $200 labor to install, IF it didn't puke oil everywhere. fortycalglock , Dec 5, 2011 fortycalglock , Dec 5, 2011

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Our 60 Series Detroit Diesel workshop manuals contain in-depth maintenance, service and repair information. Get your eManual now! ... Detroit Diesel Series 60 DDEC Toubleshooting GUIDE. $18.99. VIEW DETAILS. Detroit Diesel Series 60 Diesel Engine Service Manual. $24.99. VIEW DETAILS.

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This is how we service a Detroit 60 Series engine. This is in a 2016 Freightliner Glider kit by Ervin. Thanks for watching ! I truly appreciate each view that I get on each and every video.

Detroit 60 Series Labor Guide

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Detroit 60 Series Labor Guide